Mastering Rates

When it comes to pricing out your project, we take into account a few variables. First, the track count of your release is important. We’ll also need to know how you plan on releasing the material.  Furthermore, do you have a firm deadline? We offer scheduled sessions for time-sensitive turnarounds.

Our approach to pricing is to put together a package rate that makes sense for your project. These packages will include the mastering and assembly of the tracks, uploaded reference files (WAV or AIFF) or a shipped out CD Reference for you to approve. Once we get approval we include 1 Master Type (Usually a DDP, Mastered files for digital distribution, or a PMCD).

Services that are not included in standard packages available at a la carte prices:


  • Mastering of additional items like Instrumentals or TV tracks
  • Mastering from Stems
  • Restoration including Denoising and Declicking
  • Additional Sequences
  • Shipping of physical material
  • High Resolution Reference Files
  • Additional Master Formats not included in the package rate. These could be High Resolution Vinyl Splits to Apple Digital Masters files* to additonal DDPs or PMCDs


*We are an Apple approved Apple Digital Masters provider.

Additional thoughts we find helpful:

  • Unless there are tricky timeframes we appreciate getting the mixes and final sequence when we start work. 
  • For unscheduled sessions, turnaround times are usually 7 days from when we begin.


If you have any questions about any step of the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

DVD, Blu-ray, + Compression Rates

There’s a lot that goes into this process. Here is a quick run-down on what we’ll need to know to get a quote started.


  • Content — We’ll need to know what’s going on the disc.  A list of assets with their running times.
  • Structure — What is the basic layout of the disc? This information helps us determine the required menus, etc.
  • Design — Will you want us to do the artwork for the menus/UI or will you provide the art?
  • Schedule — Is this project a tight turnaround?
  • Asset information is also a great start.  Let us know the frame size, frame rate, and codec details of your elements.

Everything Else Audio

Things fall through the cracks and we’re here to catch them. Whether it’s audio for picture repair, sync help, edit point clean up, restoration, and sweetening that thing up. Let us bat clean-up.


It’s tricky to estimate the cost before taking a look and listen to what might be the trouble. With a 1 GBps internet connection, it’s quick and easy for us to do. Send us a link or post it to your server. We’ll take a look and figure out what we can do.

Have questions? Don’t know where to start? We’d be happy to answer them for you!