When you renovate a barn, there’s going to be hard work. A lot of hard work. We have photos to prove it.

podcast sound editing



Yes, You Should Edit Your Podcast

We’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts around here recently.  Seems like we’re not alone.

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Grammy Nomination

I’m really, really pleased to share that an album I mastered was nominated for a grammy!

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Raise the Roof

When Vincent followed up with: “acoustically it would be very helpful” and “the look and sound of the room will be so much better” that helps to make up your mind.

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Plans, Plans, Plans

For the record, I shouldn’t be allowed to do technical drawings.  The time it took to figure out how to make the heads on arrows is embarrassing.

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It’s a Renovation

This is our barn where we live and work. In fact, the picture below was from moving day way back 6 years ago.  The studio is currently on the 1st floor.  When we arrived I made some minor adjustments to the space, dropped the studio in, and got to work — planning at a later date to make additional improvements.

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